A Day-long workshop on Stock Market

On December 30, 2023, Team Explore Idea organized a workshop titled “A Day-long Workshop on Stock Market” catering to students eager to embark on their investment and trading journey. This comprehensive event covered both the fundamentals and technical analysis of the stock market.


The workshop featured esteemed trainers, Mr. Madan Paudyal, the Managing Director of NAASA Securities, and Mr. Ajay Singh Thapa, a seasoned Technical Analyst. They generously shared invaluable insights, drawing from their wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of stocks and investments. The event aimed not only to provide participants with practical insights but also to impart essential basics required for navigating the complexities of the stock market.


The event received positive feedback, and the active participation of attendees highlighted its success. Team Explore Idea expresses its gratitude to the trainers and participants and looks forward to organizing more insightful and knowledgeable events in the future.

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