Cricket Chatter: खेलियो एसिया कप अबको यात्रा विश्व कप

On December 25, 2023, Team Explore Idea hosted a round table discussion titled “Cricket Chatter: खेलियो एसिया कप अबको यात्रा विश्व कप”. During this event, we had the pleasure of engaging with several participants who delved into topics such as the strengths and challenges of the Nepali cricket team, future growth and development strategies, areas where player support is lacking, and the prospective trajectory of cricket in Nepal.

Our spirited participants actively addressed crucial issues, including the inadequate remuneration of cricket players, the scarcity of infrastructure, and insufficient funding. They underscored the significance of domestic leagues and the promotion of sports as pivotal elements in fostering the development of cricket in Nepal.

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