Metamorphosis: Threads of knowledge, fun and music

In the heart of academic enthusiasm and the vibrant spirit of collaboration, the student club “Team Explore Idea” recently orchestrated a captivating event titled “Metamorphosis: Threads of knowledge, fun and music.” This multifaceted event not only showcased the intellectual prowess of the students but also delved into the pertinent issue of Brain Drain, concluding with a soul-stirring musical performance.

The event kicked off with an inter-college Case Analysis Competition on the topic of Import substitution that brought together the brightest minds from various institutions.

The intensity of the competition was palpable, with participants showcasing their analytical skills, creativity, and teamwork. The event not only provided a platform for healthy competition but also served as a melting pot of diverse ideas and perspectives.

The second phase of “Metamorphosis” delved into a critical issue- Brain Drain. The distinguished panel, featuring the Chief Guest Finance Minister Prakash Sharan Mahat, alongside panelists Manoj Gyawali and Pradip Paudel, engaged in a thought-provoking discussion.

The discourse revolved around the causes, consequences, and potential solutions to the brain drain phenomenon. Students and attendees were treated to insightful perspectives on how to retain and harness the talents within the country, contributing to the growth and development of the nation.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the atmosphere shifted to a different rhythm. The finale of “Metamorphosis” featured a mesmerizing music concert by the renowned Deepak Bajracharya and his band. The audience was taken on a musical journey, with the fusion of traditional and contemporary tunes echoing through the venue.

The soulful melodies and the band’s energetic performance provided the perfect culmination to an intellectually stimulating day. The event transcended academic boundaries, celebrating the diverse talents of students and artists alike.

Overall, “Metamorphosis” was successful in integrating knowledge, discussion, and entertainment. We thank all the distinguished guests, faculty members, staff, active participants, volunteers, and our beloved audience for making this event a great success.


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