टिकटक प्रतिबन्धः दृष्टिकोण र प्रभाव

Following the Nepal government’s decision to prohibit TikTok within the country, Team Explore Idea arranged an elevator pitch named टिकटक प्रतिबन्धः दृष्टिकोण र प्रभाव to understand the sentiments and viewpoints of the students and to provide students with the opportunity to examine this governmental decision critically.

Our enthusiastic participants presented their insightful analyses of the TikTok ban in Nepal. Some expressed contentment with the ban, citing issues such as vulgarity, unregulated business practices, and the app’s addictive nature as negative impacts on Nepalese society. On the contrary, others voiced dissatisfaction, highlighting the platform’s role in fostering creative expression, supporting small businesses, and the broader impact on individuals and small enterprises that had benefited from the platform.

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