आध्यात्मिक साँझ: Awakening belief and ethics

In an endeavor to illuminate the challenges faced by today’s youth in a fast-paced and materialistic world, Team Explore Idea orchestrated a thought-provoking and enlightening motivational session. This event featured Guru Rupeshwor Gaur Das, the esteemed Secretary of ISKCON Nepal, as the keynote speaker. The session took place on September 19, 2023, and was designed to provide valuable insights and inspiration to address the complexities of modern life.

 The session embarked on a journey towards a spiritual way of life, aiming to provide today’s youth with strategies to manage their lives in less stressful ways. Guru Rupershwor Gaur Das engaged with the audience, addressing their questions and motivating the entire crowd through the sharing of his life stories and experiences.

The event began on a sweet note by distributing Laddus to the eager audience, setting a warm and inviting atmosphere. During the session, Guru Rupershwor Gaur Das discussed various aspects of spiritual living, mindfulness, and techniques for reducing stress. He emphasized the importance of finding inner peace, balance, and purpose in one’s life. Sharing personal anecdotes and experiences he made spiritual teachings more relatable and inspiring to the audience. 

We are deeply grateful to our guests, teachers, staff, volunteers, and all the audience for their valuable presence to make this event a grand success.

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