Business Symposium – Exploring the Dynamics of Business and Marketing

Team Explore Idea hosted a highly successful and informative workshop titled “Business Symposium.” This workshop aimed to provide valuable insights into the dynamics of business and marketing, and it featured two exceptional trainers, Mr. Amod Niroula and Mr. Bijendra Shah.

The Business Symposium presented an excellent opportunity for students who were eager to enhance their understanding of fundamental business and marketing concepts. The workshop was conducted in two sessions, focusing on marketing and business development, respectively.

During the first half of the workshop, Mr. Bijendra Shah facilitated a comprehensive group exercise, allowing the participants to delve into the core ideas behind establishing a business. The session covered various concepts and processes essential for successful business operations. After a short break, the workshop continued with Mr. Amod Niroula captivating the audience with his valuable insights into marketing functions and best practices. The session concluded with a delightful lunch, marking the formal end of the event.

The Business Symposium received an overwhelmingly positive response and can be considered a significant triumph. Attendees greatly appreciated the depth of knowledge shared by the trainers, as well as the interactive and engaging nature of the workshop, and the event fostered a productive learning environment, enabling participants to gain practical insights that they can implement in their future endeavors.

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